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Girl With The Gun
Girl With The Gun
Girl With The Gun
Disastro Records (2010)
Girl With The Gun is formed by Matilde Davoli and Populous. Matilde has many years of experience with the electric guitar and soave vocal accompaniments in the indie-pop genre band Studiodavoli. Populous still conducts electronic experiments with the Berlin cult label Morr Music. Together, they have created a project that represents a shift away from their past experiences. The point of departure for Girl With The Gun is the folk genre, jazz and cinema theme music. Many guests have contributed towards the work of this duo to create a melancholic, dreamlike sound with a taste for styles of past eras. These artists include above all the songwriter Giorgio Tuma, the co-composer of two pieces; the jazz musicians Marco Bardoscia, Randy Abaticola and Alessio Borgia; ex-Slowdive member (Shoegaze cult band) Simon Scott; the New York singer ÔShort StoriesÕ, now a Ôpartner in crimeÕ with Populous; and poly-instrumentalist James Banbury, a former member of The Auters and also a collaborator of Natalie Imbruglia, the U2 and Tricky. Tracklist 1 Sleepy Eyes 1.28         2 Letter From Pala 4.35 3 Coast To Coast 6.00         4 Multicolor Paper Loops 1.32 5 In The Sunshine 2.56         6 Cottonballs 1.12 7 Memories Into Wooden Boxes 3.59     8 Sun Can Wait 3.20 9 Fix The Stars 2.08         10 The Duck Motif 1.57 11 Hiding Place 4.32         12 Steamboy 5.43 Artists Andrea Mangia: sampling, vocals (5, 12) Matilde De Rubertis: vocals (3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12), sampling (1, 4, 6, 10), guitar (2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11,12), piano (3, 5), bass (11) Michael McGuire: vocals (2, 8) Giorgio Tuma: vocals (5, 11) James Banbury: cello (2) Randy Abbaticola: drums (3) Marco Maria Bardoscia: bass (3) Giuseppe Levanto: piano (5, 8, 11) Alessio Borgia: drums (11) Marco Tuma: flute (5, 8) Andrea Perrone: trumpet (3) Pierpaolo Leo: guitar resonations (7) Simon Scott: electric guitar (12)
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Letter From P..1.07 €Acquista
Coast To Coas..1.07 €Acquista
Multicolor Pa..1.07 €Acquista
In The Sunshi..1.07 €Acquista
Cottonballs1.07 €Acquista
Memories Into..1.07 €Acquista
Sun Can Wait1.07 €Acquista
Fix The Stars1.07 €Acquista
The Duck Moti..1.07 €Acquista
Hiding Place1.07 €Acquista
Steamboy1.07 €Acquista