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Amen, Brother!
Amen, Brother!
Osaka Monaurail
Unique Records (2008)
‘Amen, Brother’ – Instrumental soul & funk classics! Finally funk-fans are able to get a hold on one of their favourite bands again: on this album japans pure 60s Funk outfit simply performs their favorite instrumental cover tunes. The Osaka Monaurail album „Amen, Brother!“ – released in japan under the name of Undercover Express „Introducing Undercover Express“ – strictly contains well-known soul & funk classics and surprising minor tunes that you'll enjoy. In 2007 Osaka Monaurail from Japan celebrate their 15th year of existance. Named after the „It’s the JB’s Monaurail“ album by The JB’s - they live and breathe the sound of the James Brown Orchestra with an unmatched perfection and devotion. As they started out as a 15-piece band they went through some changes over the years and are now a 9 member funk outfit that has already five albums and and nine vinyl-singles under their belt as well as last years comeback album by Funk-Icon Marva Whitney, who they accompanied on the full length-release called „I Am What I Am“.
Truck Turner1.07 €Acquista
Tighten Up1.07 €Acquista
Supershine #91.07 €Acquista
Soulful Strut1.07 €Acquista
Signed, Seale..1.07 €Acquista
Open The Door..1.07 €Acquista
Message To Lo..1.07 €Acquista
Mad Pierrot1.07 €Acquista
Little Old Mo..1.07 €Acquista
Hey Jude1.07 €Acquista
Get Ready1.07 €Acquista
Get Down1.07 €Acquista
Divertissemen..1.07 €Acquista
Chocolate But..1.07 €Acquista
Cafe Regio's1.07 €Acquista
Amen, Brother1.07 €Acquista