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Honour the gods
Honour the gods
Leuce Rhythms
Dirty Drop (2010)
Leuce Rhythms’ Philosophy is simple; Fuse together all that is good in electronic music to create a pumpin’, funkin’ and down-right filthy Breakbeat sound. Forged through the DJ combination of Richard Hale (A.K.A Hale D’Vibe) and Dan De Lissandri; Leuce Rhythms have exploded onto the Breakbeat scene, setting alight dance floors across Europe, quickly earning them a party reputation that is guaranteed never to disappoint. The transition from DJs into the realms of production was only a matter of time. Their skills have transferred fluidly from the stage into the studio. 2009 has seen Leuce Rhythms teaming up with Royal One Records to bring you their release ‘Rubber Tongue’ and also Re:Connect Records, with a Re:work of the instant classic 'It's Groovy' - Refunk. Other releases include 'This Will Roll' - Leuce Rhythms (ChipSound Records) and 'Squeezed Orange' - Elastic Fish (Leuce Rhythms Remix) (Dirty Drop Records) 2010 holds only exciting times for this DJ / Producer duo; Look out for further releases from Leuce Rhythms, including: 'Mind Games' - S:Lab (Leuce Rhythms Remix) (ChipSound Records), 'Valour' - Parallax Breakz (Leuce Rhythms Remix) (Scarcity Records),'The Silence' - Toy Quantize (Leuce Rhythms Remix) (ChipSound Records). COMING SOON: 'Brutally Honest' - Leuce Rhythms (Dusted Breaks), Higher Ground - Tears of Technology Ft Serenity (Leuce Rhythms Remix) (504 Productions), Headroot (Your Love) - Leuce Rhythms (Scarcity Records).... Anybody interested in booking us, further promoting what we do or remixing any of our tracks should get in touch immediately...... Keep it Leuce!!! ..
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